A lake that is full.







Setting limits.


Do not persevere with intolerable limitations.




Water above the lake.

Setting limits.

A wise man marks a line before taking a measurement and considers moral laws before taking any action.


The meaning of this chapter is that limits are important, so that life can go on in an orderly way, but excessive limitations will cause resistance and trouble.

It is necessary to find the correct balance. To understand and know the limits of things you must study them carefully and think about them thoroughly.




1) 9 at the start

a) Not going out of the door. No blame.

b) You know what is open and what is closed.

This means it is right to hold back and stay indoors. You should limit yourself and be discrete.


2) 9 in 2nd throw

a) Not going out of the gate. Misfortune.

b) You miss the crucial moment.

This means that you should be doing something, now, and if you do not do it soon it may be too late.


3) 6 in 3rd throw

a) Not the type of person for limits, therefore the type of person for sorrows. No blame.

b) Only himself to blame.

This is someone who goes too far and ends up sorry. This is learning the hard way, it may not be you, but think carefully - just in case.


4) 6 in 4th throw

a) Peaceful limitation. Success.

b) You accept the way.

By adapting to your situation in a contented manner you follow the path that leads to success.


5) 9 in 5th throw

a) Happy limitation brings good fortune. Going brings honour.

b) You remain central and in your place.

Here you are in a leading position but limit yourself more strongly than others. If you also manage to achieve things with modest means then this sets a good example and brings good fortune and respect.


6) 6 at the top

a) Intolerable limitations.
Perseverance brings misfortune.
Remorse disappears.

b) This way comes to an end.

An annoying restriction is intolerable if continued for too long. If you impose such limitations on others they may well rebel. This is why perseverance brings misfortune. Remorse disappears since the restrictions will be brought to an end.