The sky inside a mountain, a giant warehouse.


Keeping still





The controlling power of the big.

Perseverance brings success.

Not at home instead working.

Good fortune.

Success from following a plan.


Heaven in the centre of a mountain.

The controlling power of the big.

A wise man considers what has been written, before he acts, and controls himself, so that his way is correct.




This chapter is about the great power exerted almost invisibly by a large organisation and its ability to create work and wealth.

Part of the advice is about the rules and regulations and how they must be followed in order to create a success.




1) 9 at the start

a) Danger is at hand. Success due to stopping.

b) By stopping, you avoid the calamity.

It is important that you hold back to escape danger. You must stop and wait. It may seem most inconvenient but it will be better to spend some time improving yourself rather than falling into the danger.


2) 9 in 2nd throw

a) Transportation. Releasing the axle-ties.

b) Central not going too far.

You should be content for now with the gains you have made. It is now the right time to rest and consolidate and the wrong time to go out to get more.


3) 9 in 3rd throw

a) An excellent horse is one that will follow.
Success through hard work and perseverance.
Providing an escort and secure transport.
It is favourable to have a plan.

b) Working with those above.

This means that you are able to help someone carry out an important project. There may be some dangers but it will turn out well if you do it correctly.


4) 6 in 4th throw

a) The headboard of a young bull. Great good fortune.

b) This brings joy.

The headboard of a young bull was a way of disarming a bull when it was still small by fixing a board onto its head. This line means that you will be able to disarm somebody at an early stage and thereby gain an easy victory. This will prevent trouble later.


5) 6 in 5th throw

a) The tusks of a castrated pig. Good fortune.

b) This brings rewards.

This is an indirect way of restraining wild force, you will find a way to do it, and this brings good fortune.


6) 9 at the top

a) What is the road to Heaven? Success.

b) The way of the great.

This means that your attitude is correct and your position is correct. This will bring success.