Some fresh air blows in.


Keeping still





Dealing with decay has supreme success.

It is worth taking a risk.

Before beginning 3 days.

After beginning 3 days.


Wind under the mountain.


A wise man motivates the people so that they do things correctly.


This chapter means work on renovation. Weakness and laziness lead to decay and decline but the situation can be dealt with.

Dealing with it will lead to success but it is important to do things in the correct way. This is why you should spend as much time planning and organising, before you start, as you will spend on doing the necessary work.




1) 6 at the start

a) Dealing with that which the father has allowed to become decayed.
If there is a son no blame on the father.
Danger, but it ends in good fortune.

b) The son restores the original intentions.

This is a situation such as that of a son who takes over his father's business. There may be many changes that need to be made but these will not be popular.
It might be more difficult than expected but it needs to be done and it will bring good fortune if done carefully.


2) 9 in 2nd throw

a) Dealing with that which the mother has allowed to become decayed.
You must not be too persevering.

b) Find the middle way.

Here, there is a danger of overdoing it. If reforms are carried out too ruthlessly then new problems will be caused. Some situations have to be dealt with in a kind and tactful way. Patience is often required.


3) 9 in 3rd throw

a) Setting right what the father has allowed to become decayed.
Some people will be sorry.
Without strong leadership there will be trouble.

b) In the end there will be no blame.

This is a situation where it is necessary to make changes even though you will have to deal with some opposition. It will turn out to be worth it once the reforms are complete.


4) 6 in 4th throw

a) Increasing the decay caused by the father.
You will look back with shame.

b) This will not attain your goals.

You are tempted to carry on in the same way as before or do even worse. This line warns you not to do that.


5) 6 in 5th throw

a) Dealing with that which the father has allowed to become decayed.
Words of praise are used.

b) Received for achieving the correct way.

Here you set right the mistakes of the past and you do it correctly and with regard to all the circumstances. When the reforms are complete you meet with praise.


6) 9 at the top

a) Not the affairs of kings and states. Honouring highness is one's affair.

b) Your resolve is made possible because of this.

Some jobs are more important than others are. Some work is of no use. Some work is important for the whole world and all time.
You know which path is right for you and you should follow it. You can let other people work for the kings and princes. If you are serving a good purpose then you will be looked after.